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About Me!


I am Anne, and I live in the south of England with my husband Chris and our campervan Busby.
I am passionate about travelling!

When I am not travelling, I am thinking about it or writing about it!
I love the coast and rivers, nature, history, views, quirky stuff, food, getting off main routes, and meeting local people! So far I have visited 68 different countries, and also 66 counties of the United Kingdom.

Growing up in London, my family did not have a car, and my parents liked to stay at home.
At the age of 9 I was given an old bike and a street map. I would put sandwiches in the basket (yes, I really was 9), and use the maps to find new and interesting places. The Horniman museum, Dulwich Park and the Rookery gardens at Streatham Common were all happy finds.
At the same time I was given 'The Children's Picture Atlas in colour', a book which I still own, and I remember the delights of being snuggled up in bed, turning the pages, and on almost every one thinking

'I want to go there one day'.
My love of travel was born, and has never left me.
In lean years, we camped as a family, or found adventures close to home.

Our family are grown up now, so freedom has returned!
Latterly my husband Chris and I have been lucky enough to travel widely and visit many

of the places in my old book. 

Our favourite trips are still in our campervan, across the UK and Europe,

mooching down lanes that take our fancy, and finding the little places.
I would love to share them with you, and to read your thoughts.

All photos are my own unless credited. Please contact me to request permission to use them. 

Send me a message wherever I happen to be in the world using the form below.

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