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Buzzbee the Bus is based on a Renault Master 2.5 litre turbo diesel panel van with 6 speed Automatic Transmission. The auto gear box is wonderful. He is 13 years old now, and we have owned him since 2013. We have visited 16 countries, and done nearly 65,000 miles.

The van is a high top (Chris is 6ft tall), and a Long wheel base, but at 5.9m long we still get the 'under 6m' rates on the ferries.

Fuel consumption averages 29 mpg which we are very pleased with.

He was converted from new by a specialist firm called Danbury to a layout called the Danbury Family 4. This has the possibility of a double bed at the back, and 2 smallish singles at the front.

Before choosing Buzzbee we had made a checklist of things which were Essential, Desirable and Nice if we could get them!

This was the only layout that ticked all the boxes. We didn’t have to compromise on very much at all.  And we still love the layout.

If it helps any of you, some of our  key essentials were:

  • At least 2.3 turbo engine

  • Automatic

  • Less than 6 metres long

  • Van rather than coachbuilt (slightly narrower therefore easier in country lanes etc!)

  • 4 seats with seat belts

  • A double bed at the back which could be left up permanently (ESSENTIAL!)

  • A seating area with table independent of the double bed area

  • A toilet compartment

  • A cooker with hob and small oven.

  • Plenty of ventilation options, with flyscreens

  • Diesel with less than 70,000 miles on the clock

One bonus was that Buzzbee came equipped with an excellent Webasto Dualtop diesel space

and water heater,  and a solar panel.  We added a second leisure battery, and are now quite

self contained. We can manage a week or more without electric hook up, or running the engine

as we demonstrated at Glastonbury Festival!! (Although we weren’t running the heater obviously)

Buzzbee was formerly known as Boris, and we used to go 'Bimbling with Boris'. Grey was

not our first choice of colour, so I cheered it up by adding flower stickers - indulging my inner hippy.

Suddenly, Boris didn't seem to fit so well, and then we had some politically motivated trolling

about the name as well. We have no intention to be in any way political, and also are passionate

about the need to protect bees, so a poll with family and friends led to a name change to Buzzbee!

That meant I could add a few happy bee stickers too!

We are happy to answer any questions about these aspects of the van…to the best of our ability anyway!

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