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Nature & Wellbeing


Being close to, or in water has been demonstrated to have many benefits for our physical and mental wellbeing. Most of us have an experience of being calmed by the sight or sound of water, or others are invigorated by it. 

 Blue Mind Theory, championed by Wallace J Nicholls in his book

Blue Mind, explains these benefits.

Check out for more information.

Here in the UK, Lizzi Larbalestier runs excellent Blue Health coaching and courses using her coastal location in Perranporth, Cornwall. Find out more at

Green spaces are wonderfully therapeutic too.

Being in a forest, parkland or garden, perhaps walking barefoot across

the grass, or even laying on it, can have a soothing effect.

Forest bathing, which is a Japanese art of relaxation called shinrin yoku,

is an increasingly popular concept and links mindfulness with being in green spaces. is a lovely site, with lots of information.

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