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Post 21 Vietnam – Hoi An

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Next morning, Chris is very excited. The next leg of our journey is by train! The coastal line between Hue and Danang is considered to be very beautiful. Bizarrely, our seats are in a luxurious, but used, sleeper compartment for the 2.5 hour journey, which was fascinating and beautiful, as it hugged the coast. Note the station buffet!

As we arrived in Da nang, a large port and resort, the first US warship to visit since the war, the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, was in the harbour. On alighting, we took a taxi to Hoi An, a riverside Unesco heritage town that escaped damage in the war. It is utterly charming, although geared up for tourists. We spent 3 days here, visiting old houses, temples, little museums, the night market and the beach.

It is famous for it’s lanterns, which are everywhere, and tailoring, so Chris had 2 shirts made to measure, as he struggles to get them long enough at home!

Our hotel, the Lantana riverside, was the friendliest of the whole trip, and that is saying something.

A slight hiccup when I got the first tummy bug of the trip, but I was looked after well. We ❤ Hoi An.



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