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2. Ready for the Off….

Updated: Mar 5, 2021


This trip will be our longest single trip in Boris, and so a few extra provisions are required.  I am gluten intolerant so taking gluten free food with us is important, as we never know how easy it will be to obtain.

We are also trying to cater for potentially quite a wide range of temperatures, so a wide variety of bedding options are required! We finally decided on 2 x 4.5 tog double duvets, and a top sheet as this gives us a range of top covers from just a sheet to 9 togs, without us needing to try to fit a thick duvet in a locker. This time I also remembered to pack a spare spare bed linen  –  very important as last time we were away for several weeks, I washed the bedlinen at a campsite part way through the trip,  only to find that the tumble drier was broken, and I couldn’t get the bedding dry!

Izzie has gone to stay with Alan and Sue, and by all accounts is making herself at home already; the children are living at home and will look after the hpuse, so now we are ready for the Off!  Our plan is to go to France and Northern Spain, and it will include visiting some friends en route.

My ritual before we leave is walking around the house , opening all the cupboards and drawers and looking to see if there is anything in them that I think I should have packed! There is still usually something that gets forgotten! I wonder what it will be this time!

Many of you know that we live in the beautiful county of Dorset, on the coast of the South of England. So…. as we drive away from home, and off on our travels,  which way do you think we are heading?

‘South’ we hear some of you cry! Ah…. but some may do some lateral thinking and say ‘East’ – thinking logically that we might be heading to Portsmouth to catch the ferry; or ‘West’  because we might go to Poole for the same reason.

Well how wrong you would all be!  Naturally we are heading due North.  Yes – we have got the road atlas the right way up!  Due to a small reshuffle of arrangements we have a pre-arranged commitment this weekend…. in Yorkshire! So we have to go up there first before returning south to catch the ferry from Poole next week!

So, today’s adventures start with a first leg to Warwick where we will be staying on one of our favourite campsites! Grey skies and drizzle accompanied us for the first 30 miles but it was dry when we reached Blenheim Palace near Oxford. The wonderful golden stone set the scene for the sumptuous interior, and an excellent exhibition about Winston Churchill who was born, and is buried here.

The gardens are quite formal but beautifully laid out and the setting by the lake, and the parkland offer delightful walks.

Blenheim is part of the Historic Houses Association. Membership is £75 for a couple for 1 year (Discounted to £48 for English Heritage members.) Given that admission to Blenheim is £23pp , HHA membership is excellent value. It also gives you the chance to visit smaller and less well known stately homes, as well as places like Beaulieu and Highclere castle (home of Downton Abbey!)

Finally we drove on to Warwick for a night on one of the best campsites in England…Our friends Paul and Pam’s drive!

A super evening and a great first day of the holiday!



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