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New beginnings!

So, who starts a blog about travel during a Pandemic lockdown? Or at least reinvents one!

Well, me apparently! This is the first blog on my new site 10 miles from. However I have been able to add all my old travel diary posts from my old blog, Bimbling, so that everything is in one place.

I’m Anne, and I have been wanting to do this for a long time.

Suddenly I have got more time available for such things. Much more time in fact, because I am usually either working, or travelling, or planning where to travel next. Now I am a nomad with permanently itchy feet, in the metaphorical sense, who has nowhere to go.

I have always said that if someone gave me a sealed envelope containing a ticket to a mystery destination, and I had to say Yes or No without knowing where I was going, I would almost certainly accept. Possibly with a few tiny provisos, like no war zones. Kate Adie I am not!

Planning trips, from long weekends in our campervan, to a 12 week round the world adventure, is part of the joy of travelling for me, and it means the pleasure of a trip can start many months before departure, and extend far into the future, as you look at your photographs and relive the wonderful memories you created. We have been using lockdown to do just that. Casting the photos of our trips to the TV, saying “Oooh, remember that” and “Press pause, press Pause” a lot, while loving being reminded of how many things we had forgotten about!

During these picture shows, I suddenly realised that we were as excited by the memories of tiny things, as we were by the mega sites. The Taj Mahal was truly breathtaking, but so was the reminder of us seeing a tiny dung beetle, pushing its ball of pongy treasure across a seemingly endless expanse of Jordanian desert.

Wherever we end up, I try to find interesting things nearby that aren’t necessarily in the guide books. In this blog, I would like to share places, restaurants, activities and ideas with you. This will include suggestions for travel planning, ways to take a different perspective on places you know well, and perhaps to inspire you to try something different.

At the time of writing, here in the UK we are in lockdown, and can only leave home for essential journeys and to exercise local to our homes. My early blogs will reflect that, but things will eventually change, and in the meantime, we can all be armchair travellers!

Remember the little things!



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