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Finding a great place to eat - hints and tips

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Hello to all of our new subscribers! Chris and I can't wait to be able to eat out again! I've used lockdowns to try lots of new recipes, so it would be nice to have a meal cooked for me for a change!!

Wherever we go in the world, if we eat out, I like to know that I will not waste my money. This applies from street food to a Michelin starred restaurant. And Chris and I love both! All we ask is that the food is fresh, well cooked and tasty. The more we pay, the more we expect to find top quality ingredients, unusual flavours and evidence that time and love has been spent on preparation and presentation.

Most of the time I am happy, because I spend time finding the right places for us.

So how do I do it?

Firstly, I do some research in advance. I use reviews, especially Tripadvisor, and make a shortlist of places we might like when we arrive in an area. Newspaper and magazine articles can be helpful, but often strongly reflect the views of just one person, which may not be your taste.

Tripadvisor does work if you use it carefully.

1. How many reviews are there? Less than 30 for a place that has been open for 5 years - I might look elsewhere, unless it is in a location where reviews are rare.

2, Who posted the reviews. Where are they from? How many reviews have they posted before? If all of them have only posted 1 or 2, there is a good chance they are the owners friends giving them some support!

An amazing mixed Mezze platter, freshly cooked in a tiny cafe in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Cost £6 each!

3. When were they posted? Trip advisor often displays results so that the best results show up first. They could have been posted years ago! Choose 'see all reviews' and look at the most recent!

4. Look at the style of the reviews. If a bunch all say the same thing with just a few words changed, they could be friends posting together!

5. Don't be instantly put off by negative reviews, especially if the vast majority are positive. It is well known that competitors will post negative reviews to adversely affect a competitor. Are there others confirming the same issue?

However, a recent run of authentic poor reviews could indicate a change of ownership or style that isn't as good as before.

6. What do the reviews actually say? If you are looking for a romantic, fine dining meal for 2, and spot a top rated restaurant, make sure the reviews don't tell you "Brilliant for families, they have a play area in the centre of the room" or " I went with 11 of my mates and the burgers were amazing" And vice versa of course!

7. The search feature is useful on Tripadvisor if you are trying to find out about a specific issue like special diets, accessibility, whether dogs are allowed etc. Use 'Find reviews that mention' and insert your topic.

Once I have my shortlist, I look up the cafe or restaurant website to check the menu, opening days, hours etc.

Different countries have certain days when restaurants are more likely to be closed. In the UK, Monday is often trickiest.

​Now I probably have a shorter shortlist!

My final and most important ways to choose a place to eat are when you are right there in the city or town where you hope to have a delicious meal or snack.

Firstly, talk to local people and ask them where they recommend. This does raise the possibility of their uncle's cafe 3 miles away!

Lunch by the river in a cafe in Brittany, France

Secondly, look at where local people eat. Which places are full of tourists? They may just lay on an average meal, knowing the diners will never return! Which ones are empty? They might not be the ones if you want good local cuisine.

Thirdly, look at the food on the tables, not pictures on the menu! Do the diners look and sound happy!

A huge choice on a menu is often Not a sign of quality as it cannot possibly all be prepared freshly.

The best places are often not in the main tourist spots, but in the surrounding streets.

We have had some truly amazing meals on our travels, and, in all honesty, very few bad ones using the tips I've written above.

I have added a list of our top ten places to eat in England ... when we could last go out to eat! Of course, the list keeps changing as we remember other favourite places! Where are your favourites?

Bon appetit! Anne x

Our Top Ten places to eat in the UK - in no particular order! Roll on Summer!

1. Makla in Southbourne Dorset. Authentic Moroccan and Lebanese Food in a great atmosphere

2. Pollen Street Social in London. 1 Michelin star modern British with an amazing tasting menu, and great value set lunches

3. The Ship Inn in Low Newton, Northumberland. Amazing crab sandwiches, a super view AND it's own microbrewery! Heaven.

4. Roots fine dining in Southbourne, Dorset. Upmarket, delicious food that is a work of art. Tasting menus and super Sunday lunch.

5. The Mussel Pod in Brancaster, Norfolk. Fresh mussels from their own beds with a range of imaginative sauces. Takeaway. Divine!

6. Chequers Inn, Binham, Norfolk. Currently holding our title for best pub Sunday lunch.

7. Verveine in Milford on Sea, Hampshire. Fishmonger and exquisite fine dining fish restaurant with a mystery menu!

8. The Jumble Room in Grasmere, Cumbria. Organic, local produce served up with Asian twists in a quirky setting.

9. Yalbury Cottage near Dorchester, Dorset. Local produce used for British cuisine with twists! Lovely setting.

10. Juliet's Garden, St. Marys, Isles of Scilly. Great food, from seafood sandwiches, to dinners overlooking the islands.

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Chris Bartlett
Chris Bartlett
13 de mar. de 2021

While home cooked food is delicious I'm looking forward to supporting these eateries again. Plus someone else does the washing up.

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